The Ebb and Flow of Local

As the season shifts into low gear preparing for the long uphill drive through the cold-weather months here on the plains, our kitchen is in the process of change as well. Grieving the loss of an abundant, local vegetable supply, we turn our focus toward meats and proteins, and squeezing out every last drop of usefulness from late harvest tomatoes, pumpkins, butternut squash and a few things we have dehydrated, canned or put by in the freezer. There is a sadness to the turn, but it gives way to other benefits and blessings that otherwise would not be enjoyed if … more »

What I wish I knew

As an entrepreneur, I often find myself needing to make decisions that I have never made before. Personal experience is a great teacher, but sometimes comes with a price tag.  To learn from your own mistakes can cost time, money and headache.  Seeking out advice from others who have been down the road you are on is useful, but finding those who can answer your questions can become a challenge in itself.

Today I share some random lessons I’ve learned about opening and running a restaurant.

New or Used Equipment?  I outfitted my place with mostly used appliances.  eBay was … more »