All that glitters is not gold

Those who are not have a hard time understanding those of us who are, we introverts, who have an odd sort of need for time alone. The extroverts have interpretations of this requirement of anything from being unfriendly to Ted Kaczynski-like strange. But if you are one, you have an innate knowledge of what I am talking about. You may not be able to explain it, but just as effective as aspirin to a headache, so is solitude to your internal soul.

On Father’s Day this morning, I began a little hashtag on Twitter (#rememberingdad) of little sayings I recall

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Charcutepalooza – Stuffing Sausage

Now that my kids are in their teen years and the empty nest is in sight, I get a little nostalgic for the days when they were young and the times seemed more simple and their needs seemed less daunting. I think back over the years when they were little and to the toys that seemed most memorable to them, and to me, and it reminds me that regardless of how fast the world around us moves, some things remain the same and will always do so. I remember the Christmas I got my son and his cousins a tool … more »

Why I agree has released a statement noting in their opinion the 10 ten most livable cities in the US for college grads. Even though I graduated college 25 years ago, I don’t exactly fit into its given rubric, I agree with the assessment. It was 21 years ago that my new wedded wife and I moved to Lincoln, thinking we would stay a few years and move on to bigger and better horizons. But two kids, several cars, a house, and a thriving young restaurant later, the future looks even brighter for our Midwestern city. It’s why we want to … more »