Adopting vs Adapting

We returned from our trip to Denver this week, well fed and well rested. Some don’t understand when we describe the details of our trip as sleeping and eating, but when you are inspired by others who make great food for you, every meal is a chance for entertainment.

Denver is a very different market than Lincoln, and it would be easy to make a mistake by trying to implement big city ideas in a smaller setting like ours. I think many marketers/businesses/opportunists make the mistake of Adopting vs Adapting. They see something that works and adopt it carte … more »

Understanding what it is you do

Sitting outside this week, enjoying the seasonally early warm evening temperatures, I had a moment of reflection in the same spot I used to sit early in the mornings before I went off to work at my kitchen job that I had while I was waiting on the construction of my restaurant. I remember those days vividly, watching the dawn unfold into daylight, drinking coffee and saying to myself, “Am I going to succeed in getting this restaurant off the ground?” They were exciting, but fear-filled days. I had never done this before, and I was leading my family down

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So how’s Karen doing?

It’s been six months since her treatment was completed in October. Such a short time in some respect, but quite a distance in others. It’s not hard to remember sitting in the doctor’s office, with a grim look on his face, announcing to us that the ultrasound detected something very concerning, nor is it a stretch to recall him telling us a week later after the surgery that it indeed was cancer and that further treatment would be needed. The nervous feeling meeting with the oncologist is not far from vivid, either.

But to see her today, you would have … more »