Learning to say I can’t

In the search for a more sustainable lifestyle, I have set for myself a goal of taking a day off more seriously. What that will mean, I’m not really sure, but I got a good idea of what it probably shouldn’t look like today. After spending a few hours in the yard moving a truck load of mulch around the yard, my arms and shoulders make me wonder if I’ve ever done any physical work before.

Like most things I go through, growing older is something that I think about quite a bit. Aging is inevitable and the diminishment that … more »

Changes of the Season

The loom of winter seems to be coming to its certain, inevitable end, and in turn will bring us the fruit of a more preferable season. Signs of this transformation are everywhere. In the backyard, the heirloom daffodils I foraged from the old Oklahoma homestead are poking through the matted, moldy leaves that look like untempered layers of chocolate. Seeds are sprouting in my basement under the fluorescent lamp contraption my dad referred to as a “tanning bed” that I fashioned out of some old 40W shop lights. The beautiful, dark green overwintered spinach brought in from Community Crops has … more »

Why you should hear this band

It’s no revelation to say that music has the power to speak to the soul in ways much more effectively than mere words alone. Every culture has its songs, hymns and anthems it relies up in times of celebration and mourning; for the sake of tradition as well as for the future. And there may arguably be no better example of this than the enduring and endearing music of the Irish.

What is the one overarching quality attached to the Irish? It would have to be the word, luck. Yet if you know anything of Irish history, they are a … more »

The Craft of Brining

It is very important to me to understand my motives for the choices I make in life. I don’t want to simply know how to do something; I want to know why I want to do it.

Why did I take such a huge risk to quit my career and launch a restaurant in my mid 40’s?

Why was I able to do this? Why did I even want to do this?

Why did I want to become a chef at such a late age?

Why did I have such a compulsion to do this?

Why lay so much on … more »

Making Local a Habit

A chef friend and I have been addressing common blog topics, and the subject of buying locally has recently emerged. I thought it would be a good opportunity to voice my opinion on the trend of purchasing locally sourced products.

What does it mean for me to buy local? Is it a wave that we are trying to ride? It is a fad we are trying to capitalize upon? Is it a political conviction or statement we are trying to express? Not entirely. I buy locally for one primary reason:

I really enjoy doing so.

It brings me more satisfaction … more »