Alone in my restaurant

I had an unusual grief to get over when the doors of my restaurant opened three and a half years ago. For so many years, the idea of bread&cup existed in my thoughts and mind and on a few pieces of paper sketched out here and there, tucked in this folder or that drawer. There was a security to the idea, mainly because it was the impetus that moved me forward and out of the funk that I was in. At most any time of the day during that season, the restaurant was what occupied my attention.

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Salty. Smoky. Fatty. Savory bacon.

And with it comes an endearing family memory.

My dad liked bacon; really, really liked bacon. So much so that he would buy it in slab form from a mailorder outfit in Arkansas. I can still recall the smell of it sizzling on the flattop griddle in our tiny little farmhouse kitchen. He covered the entire surface with strips lined up in perfect rows. The heat was always low so not to spatter and make a greasy mess, but also to render out the fat more gently and make a more ideal slice of bacon.… more »

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011

For the past 21 years, Karen has given me the same Valentinesā€™ Day card. Yes, literally, the exact same card every February 14th, the only difference is that with each passing year, a new note has been added that highlights the previous year. Each year I read back through everything written about our move to Nebraska, the birth of our kids, the purchase of our home, the opening of our restaurant, and this year, the battle with cancer. Although sometimes, I wish she would get me something from a site likeĀ, these cards warm my heart … more »

Current Inspirations

If you know a cook, he or she probably has a collection of cookbooks on the shelf. If you are a partner to that cook, you probably wonder the need to have so many. Let me stand in defense.

Customers ask me all the time where I come up with so many ideas for our menu. As a professional cook, I suffer less from how to do something than I do in deciding what to make. To me, cookbooks are a good source of ideas, not so much for the detail of a particular recipe on how to make

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Winner of our 1st Annual bread&cup Graphic Design Contest

Congratulations to Jesse Vadnais, winner of our 1st Annual bread&cup Graphic Design Contest. Jesse wonderfully interpreted the logo, so much so, I thought I would print his words verbatim.

I wanted to create something that captured the essence of combining different elements of Bread and Cup with a feeling of simplicity and creativity. Because B&C is so many things in one I was hoping to capture the ampersand as the key focal point but still have it work as a connection between ideas. You’ll notice that the image has a representation of wheat to be connected with the idea of
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