How Blue Man Group helped create bread&cup

Ten years ago, I saw Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. They were just hitting their stride and making waves nationwide. But to a person, whenever I asked what the show was about, I would get the same puzzled look, followed a long pause, and usually ending up with saying, “I’m not really sure, but it was cool!”

One writer referred to it as the “omni-sexual Promise Keepers for the New Millenium,” which makes about as much sense as tits on a bull. Needless to say I had no idea what for what was in store for me.

The year … more »

January Charcutepalooza Challenge – Duck Proscuitto

This is the first of a monthly series of posts in conjunction with Chaructepalooza, a consortium of food bloggers devoting the year to a different meat preservation project each month. Click on the image to the right to read more about it.
When I found out about Charcutepalooza, I discovered I was a little late to the game, so I am determined to play catch-up before the next month’s challenge.

Month one in the series is duck breast prosciutto, a very easy cure to implement using only kosher salt as the curing agent. January in Nebraska is a good time … more »

Why stay open during a snow storm?

The flakes started falling late Wednesday afternoon and created a soft, silent evening in more ways than one.

I served two tables all evening.

I could have seen it coming, called my staff and said stay home, but I’ve played too much craps to do anything other than stay open.

In craps, there are two types of opening bets. At the roll of the dice you either bet that the number will hit or that it won’t. It’s a simple game of chance, and the percentages never change. There is no magic to it. It shouldn’t matter on what line … more »

So how is Karen doing?

I get that question regularly and this morning realized I’ve not posted an update about her. But apply the “no news is good news” rule here and you’ve got a simple summary.

It’s been four months since treatment was completed. She has returned each month for regular blood labs, which show normal numbers. She feels good, looks good and is carrying on a normal life once again. We are in no way, out of the woods, but at this point in the game the doctor says it looks about as good as it can get.

Similar to how I felt … more »

Starting the New Year Right – Part II

Based on my previous blog entry, you say you want to take your personal pleasure more seriously? How does one go about doing this?

Start with eating.

It’s at this point I believe the practice of eating is more important than what you eat, because if you alter your eating habits, you will discover and become more aware of exactly what it is you are putting in your mouth.

If you get serious about your food, you will find out what food does for you. Do you eat for relief or for satisfaction? Is food used to silence the pangs … more »

Abundance or Scarcity?

Congratulations to Chef Travis and staff at Dish for topping the list on Jeff’s Top 5 in Friday’s Journal Star. As a restaurant owner, I know how difficult it is to coalesce a team of people for the purpose of creating great food and service, and then to do it consistently day after day, night after night. Travis has a reputation of being a hard working chef/owner, and you have to be in order to survive this business. I only wish I had the opportunity to dine there more often, but he works when I work and is closed … more »

Starting the New Year Right

With every New Year comes the question of resolutions, which in my observation is often met with a reply of disdain and dismissal whenever I ask someone, “do you make resolutions?” I think the reason for this rejection is it represents another opportunity for failure. Why make a promise to do something if you know in your heart that you really won’t do anything about it?

I don’t have any statistics, but as a betting man, I would wager that most failed New Year’s Resolutions have something to do with exercise and weight loss. Funny how these two things will … more »