The obvious presumption to this statement is because I own a restaurant a mere stone’s throw away from the proposed arena location, and that I am simply looking to cash in on the potential increase in business from the vortices that will trail behind such an economic engine. Yes, I do believe I personally stand to gain from its construction. I also believe a new arena is in the best interest of the future of Lincoln for many years to come.


Two and a half years ago, my wife and I pushed everything we had to our name into the center of the table and went all in on opening our Haymarket restaurant, bread&cup. As with any business venture, we knew there would be risk involved. Even with the economy starting to sour, it was a risk we were willing to take. The dream had been alive in our minds for at least ten years and we were not getting any younger. Now was the time to act.

But a delay in construction and a long cold first winter made us wonder if our little dream was ultimately going to be our demise. Sales were not what we had planned, and the dreary circumstances staring us in the face threatened to blind us from seeing the future potential of what we believed could be.

Here we were faced with a serious choice. Should we incur further debt with the belief that our business just needed more time to attract a sustainable customer base, or would we let the circumstances convince us that we didn’t have a viable business model? We chose the former, and are very glad we did, but after this we decided to get some knowledge with experts in Financial Literacy Dallas.

Comparing that first January to last month, there’s been an 81% increase.

The risk paid off.

Successful business is the key to generating future income. More sales mean more sales tax. Increased sales taxes yield more money for local government to do its work of serving the people. Fiscal responsibility doesn’t just mean staying and spending within your means. It includes a vision for maintaining and increasing income to ensure future needs are met.

Concentrating on the current lack of city funds for removing snow and filling potholes without a plan to increase those resources is myopic and short sighted. I believe the proposed arena is just the first step in creating an environment for our city to generate new sources of income.

Solutions don’t materialize without the impetus of leadership, and I am impressed at the number of leaders who are standing behind this arena project as a key to the economic growth of Lincoln.

I will stand with them, casting a yes vote on May 11.

Why I’m voting Yes on the new Haymarket Arena

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  • February 16, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Well said Chef! Thanks to you and Karen for providing a vibrant vision for what Lincoln CAN be! With restaurants like the B&C, the new area will bring not only more income to our city but also a renewed sense of Lincoln pride!Dan P

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