Enjoying a few minutes of calm this morning while listening to the hum of activity produced by my great staff as they carry out the tasks of baking, frying our new Black Pepper Bacon, brewing Jon Ferguson’s obsessively fresh roasted Cultiva Coffee and greeting the early bird customers. I will make my rounds at the market soon and continue on with my day.

Years ago I read a book called The Paradox of Choice, and I was fascinated by the thought that multiple choices actual can make our lives more stressful rather than delivering on the promise that more options will inevitably make my life better. I try to abide by this principle in my menu, but it actually starts before that in my preparation.

There are not a great amount of options at the Market this time of year, and I’m OK with that. Give me one good batch of asparagus and I will do ten different things with it. But if you give me ten items to use, the combinations become much more multiplied, leaving me feeling like I should explore every idea in which I conceive. Instead, I like working within the limitations of a few choices. I can still be creative, but the parameters help me make decisions easier and quicker. And since I only have a short time to finalize everything this morning, I need all the help I can get.

The whistle blows soon, so I guess I should get my wagon and checkbook and get going.

And to think that this is my job…

What I like about cooking from the Market