With the pace of business increasing since he got here, I’ve failed to post his proper introduction.

Welcome, Erik Hustad.

Erik joined our staff about four months ago and has immediately proven he was worth the risk in hiring him. When people ask me how I find such good people, I do have to admit that occasionally they find me.

I was unwinding with The Future late one afternoon at my local go-to watering hole, and in walks a mutual friend who was back in town for a few days from Seattle. After working through the awkwardness of determining the right way to make a handshake greeting, he asks me, out of the blue, if I am hiring. Not the most common topic of conversation right off the bat, but to which I responded, “Maybe.”

He said he knew a guy that was finishing his degree at the Art Institute of Seattle, would be moving back to Lincoln soon and was interested in applying to work with me. I told him to contact me right away, and sure enough, the next day I had an email in my inbox from Erik. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and that quick response didn’t hurt.

This interaction was in the early Spring at a point when I was anticipating a need to add to my staff. I had a hunch we were about to break through to another vista, but I didn’t have the numbers to back it up. I only had hoped that it would. Thus, another risk to take.

During the course of our conversations on the phone, I explained to Erik my predicament, that as a young, inexperienced restaurant we are constantly forging new direction and remarking our map to read Terra Firma instead of Terra Incognita. He made a pretty bold assertion by saying, “hire me, and I’ll earn you my salary.”

Damn if he hasn’t done just that.

Erik has already proven his worth in many ways, but the most immediate one I appreciate is taking some of the load off my shoulders so I can get my head above water, scan the horizon and breathe again.

He brings a strong sense of order and management to our team. He is the extra set of eyes that look for the same things I want to see; cleanliness, consistency and a quality plate that gets sent out through the swinging door.

Since Erik and I have the same haircut, you may mistake one for the other if our back is toward you.

Welcome, Erik

One thought on “Welcome, Erik

  • September 19, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    That is awesome! I have found, since opening my last business, that the Lord has provided help when I needed it. I have never advertised once, but when I begin to see the need arising for help, I begin to pray for the right person, and invariably the right person comes. During one transition time, when our summer help was going to be out for harvest, a part-time nurse that works for us accidentally let her LPN license lapse, so she could't work at the hospital, and was available to help us. That is not coincidence! Nor is Erik coming to you!

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