Tonight was one of those Nebraska spring evenings that bordered on uncertainty, with the thunderheads billowing in the distance, belching their electrostatic rumbles and light show, I thought at any minute these diners on the patio might need to seek refuge from the storm inside an already busy dining room. Thankfully the weather cooperated and left us all alone.

Yet the evening was not without frustration. Quantities of food were not adequate for the demand, which meant the 86 was posted more often than I would like. When using local ingredients, sometimes the supply is limited, like morels, leaving us with nothing to say other than, “I’m sorry we’re out.”

Were we not committed to the fields surrounding our city, we could just reach in the freezer for another bag of Sysco ready-made-whatever and call it good. But I have to sleep at night, and my conscience would never let me rest if I served something frozen and called it my own.

I’m off tomorrow to a microbrew festival in Parkville, MO and to take a few days to recreate before the Market begins on May 01. This means a season of non-stop Saturdays of designing menus on the spot out of whatever catches my eye at the Farmer’s Market three block from my front door. I do love my job.

With the advent of the Market Meal, we have decided to present a dinner-only menu on Friday and Saturday evenings. What this means is that beginning next weekend, our lunch sandwich menu will no longer be available, so we can focus on our market driven entrees, and provide you with a better dining experience on the weekend.

For those of you who are new, next Saturday, I will troll the Haymarket Farmer’s Market for the freshest, in season produce I can find, and set my evening menu directly from that discovery. I send out an email by around 10am, announcing what we will be serving. Usually we piece together 5-6 courses, available either ala carte or as a pre fixe menu. Service starts at 6pm.

If you want to receive email menus, go to and fill in the form at the top right corner. You’ll be among the first to know what we will be serving.

Don’t call me in the next few days. I won’t answer.

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