March 11th, 2010 by ~ 3 Comments

This Offal is Awful

Pardon if this seems a bit graphic, but I was working with beef tongue and beef heart tonight in preparation for this Saturday’s Slow Meal, which is all about meat. A quick glance may make you think this is a roast of some kind, but you will see the tell tale signs of organ meat that I have yet to clean up.

My goal for the meal this weekend is for my guests to each be able to say they liked everything that was served. Serving offal can sometimes feel like attending a frat party, its wild and fun, but afterward you’re not really sure if you had a good time or regret what just happened. After all, if it doesn’t taste pleasing, then I am only flexing my culinary ego. Here’s a link to our menu. We still have a few seat available.

3 Responses

  1. Alisa-Foodista says:

    I have to admit I've never tried eating this before.

  2. Julie says:

    When can we sign up for the vegetarian slow meal?

  3. Watchman says:

    Julie, anytime. I won't post the final menu until I am certain what I will be able to find locally, weather permitting. Expect to see greens, sprouts, cheese, eggs, honey as a part of our local ingredient list.