Looks like my day can end now. Three guests invite me to sit down with them for a glass of wine and unwind. I gladly accept the offer. Another Market Meal complete

The foursome arrives for the Hog Head Feast. Guests like this are the best; eager to try new experiences and trust the skill of the kitchen to entertain. I explain why the use of the head is no different than eating the meat off a any other bone, like a chicken leg or rib.

Seems slower than I would have thought. Graduation weekend is hard to predict. My legs are throbbing now, so I’m not sure I could handle a much bigger night.

The printer chattered off our first order, and I can tell the group is not accustomed to our menu. All four guests want all their food out at once. I’m not sure why people think that will speed things up, but it really causes a logjam in the the kitchen.

The Road to Market to Table