We had our consultation with the cancer specialist at the Omaha Med Center yesterday to get his prognosis of the situation. After an hour and a half of facts, data, and analysis, we have a game plan and are prepared to begin the fight against this disease.

What makes this difficult is how both Karen and I have faced our own illnesses in the past. Lie down, take an aspirin, gut it out, let it pass, and move on. That works with the flu, strained muscle, or a stomach bug or the occasional allergic reaction, but not in this case. This situation is beyond our control at many points and we have to trust in the medical community to give us the best information they have, upon which we will make our decision about treatment.

Both doctors we met with say she is the ideal candidate for an Intraperitoneal treatment of this cancer. To avoid making this too technical, this is where they inject the drug directly into the lower abdomen and allow a localized effect. As with all chemotherapy treatments, there are pluses and minuses, so we hang onto the hope for the positives to take hold and pray against the negatives from happening.

I said above that the situation is beyond our control mostly, but we do know that nothing can rule our spirit if we don’t allow it. Karen is extremely positive at this point, and is a pioneer woman at heart. This is the woman I watched bear both of our children naturally, without painkillers, by choice, because that’s the way women did it for years. It was this strength that drew me to want her to be my wife, and it is proving to be a solid part of her being.

The chemo will start in two weeks. Until then we will probably not know much new. Thank you for allowing these posts to be adequate. With the added workload, I am unable to answer a lot of my calls, say nothing about returning them. Karen noted last night how loved she feels from all the flowers and other kind gestures. Thanks to John for cleaning my gutters, and Mike and Willy for mowing my yard. It does not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated.


Ready For The Fight