A second objective we are setting for ourselves this year:

  • To be a prominent reference point for Lincoln’s culinary opinion.

If experts were to do a story about role of sports in Lincoln, to whom are they going to speak? Obviously the Husker football program is going to play a major part in telling that story. So if a food writer, researcher or other seeker of information wants to know what is developing in our town in the area of food and its enjoyment, I would like to find myself on the top of the list of choices.

I love to write and talk about my business, but if I can get you to speak about it for me, I’ve multiplied my efforts. The more people I can have telling others to come eat at my restaurant, the more energy I can spend on making certain the experience is congruent with the story that is being told.

We have set a goal of achieving some kind of media recognition beyond Nebraska and outside the Midwest. If we can continue to build a broad reputation for what we are doing, it only helps reinforce in our team the importance of our work.

With the Internet, any customer is a potential international food critic. Anyone can go online to any number of travel or food related web sites and leave a review of their experience at bread&cup, either favorable or not. I do a Google search of these sites regularly to find out what is being said and share my findings with my staff. I remind them regularly, that the guest at table 51 could be from Food and Wine or from Beatrice; that guest still has access to a world wide pen.

My chef blog is another point of reference for outsiders to learn more about what we are doing, and the why’s behind our means and methods. I enjoy writing as much as I do cooking, and so I have committed to keep regular posts here.

But the seduction of getting noticed can never supersede the pleasures of doing what we do on a day to day basis that is drawing the attention in the first place. Our work of creating an outstanding environment for conversation and reflection with the service of simple food and drink, with as much sourced locally as possible, is foremost. A positive review is the icing, not the cake.

Objective #2 for 2010