Here is one of those moments we must embrace as sustained chefs; letting the operation run according to plan.

I’ve been at it for four hours now. I have all my market shopping done. The menu is set, printed and posted. The folks down at the booth have everything they need. My chefs are stocked and churning out food that customers have already stopped to tell me how much they enjoyed their meal. So here I am with a few moments to myself to sit calmly in the eye of the vortex and watch it all develop.


It is remarkable to witness this progression in three years. All those months of 4am baking sessions are now behind me. Daniel, my capable baker, loves his craft and his bread shows it; uniform in size, delicate in flavor. Yes, I miss baking, but a sustained chef understands the importance of concentration of energy and effort toward important matters, and has the ability to discern what those are.

{Daniel’s ciabatta}

This is why I chose to sit at the corner of my bar with a nice cup of coffee this morning and write a few words in this respite. Reflection is a means of recreation for me, especially if you take the word at its core meaning. Recreation often implies activity without thought, which is better described as amusement. To muse is to think; to a-muse is just the opposite; to go without thoughtful engagement.

{10:05 Saturday morning}

The sustained chef takes time to re-create, to re-build that which has been worn down from everyday use. Writing helps me recognize those places that need attention. My friend told me a few days ago that he can tell in our conversations that I am back playing offense again instead of defense. I think what he saw was the fruit of re-creating.

August 6th marks our 3rd anniversary and to celebrate, we have a week of specials planned for you to enjoy. We are re-creating the menu and elements of the décor, using simple food and drink as our guiding parameters. We’ve morphed and changed much in these three short years, at the same time enjoying the fruit of those adaptations. But if these are not anchored to the vision, the business will be in charge of me, and not vice versa.

I’ll take another cup…