When people see how close we are to Memorial Stadium, the typical response is always the same; “Wow, you must pack ’em in on Game Days.”
Not so much.
Being the closest watering hole does not bring us business by default. Football Saturdays have proven to be some of our worst sales days. Location, Location, Location applies if your business concept matches the demographic. The Sea of Red that flows by my place like a wandering river does not seem to step out of its banks, except to grab a cheap beer and Fairbury hot dog.
One thing I have learned from this: don’t deviate from your plan. I tried cable TV’s, beer specials, cheap food. Nada. I stopped trying to figure it out, mainly because of last night.

We had a record day yesterday, which tells me that my audience knows how and when to find us. A slow game day means I can’t plan a Market Meal, but it does mean I get to go home, crack open a homebrew, flip on ESPN, and spend an unusual Saturday night at home.

See you Monday.
Game Day