You haven’t seen Karen around the restaurant in the last couple of weeks because she has not been feeling well due to the fever she developed after the third treatment. You know how a fever can take any body ache and multiply it. Now add to it the joint pain from the Taxol and you have an idea what she went through.

Fever is a sign of infection, and especially in a cancer patient undergoing chemotheraphy, it is a cause for concern, since the white blood cells may not be adequate in number to fend off the infection. The cause of the fever is not certain, and the degree is fairly low grade, which has her doctor puzzled. But she is feeling much better now, and ready for this next round of side effects.

Cancer disrupts your life, but you must make sure it does not rule the roost, and the domain in which it has no authority is in your spirit. And since Laughter resides there, it is vitally important to keep your sense of humor, because it is a reminder that you, and not the disease, are in control of that domain.

After returning from the Farmer’s Market on Sunday, I came home to find Karen out in the garden, sweating heavily, pulling weeds. I certainly did not want to spend my day off in the heat cleaning up a dying cause, and neither did her mom, who has been here helping out with the caregiving the last two weeks. In motherly fashion, she scolded Karen for overdoing it and threatened to call the little old ladies at her church and tell them to stop praying for recovery if she didn’t slow down and take better care of her self. I know it’s probably one of those “you had to be there” stories, but it’s made us laugh several times since then. Now if she and I are in disagreement about something, I remind her that I will “call the little old ladies…” It still doesn’t change her mind, but the laughter is still good medicine.

She is taking this week off from work again, as she usually does after a treatment, but if all things are equal, hopefully she will be able to return. There is always a balance between work and rest, because at times, work can provide the needed therapy that gets the mind engaged and arouses the soul. Again, thanks for your concern and feel free to ask. We live with this everyday. We’re accustomed to talking about it.

Day 65

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  • August 25, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    I think the "little old lady threat" is quite funny. Sounds like You've all got the right attitude about it and that is half the battle! Keep fighting and know we continue to pray for you and cheer ya on!

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