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I took a day this week to spend in the kitchen at The Boiler Room in Omaha. Chef Paul Kulik and his staff are putting together some outstanding food with a bent toward local sourcing. I would recommend a visit soon.

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For me, the importance of a day of observation like this is simply to watch and learn. Our restaurants are not the same in style or execution; however we do share the same values for care of preparation, local sourcing and creativity. I enjoy seeing people committed to their craft and listening to their explanations of how they approach the work of creating.

To do creative work requires the constant need for inspiration. The word Inspire means to breathe in, to be filled with breath. This air is all around us, usually free for the taking. Look for it and receive it.

Without inspiration, there is no life.

Breathe in; Breathe out

One thought on “Breathe in; Breathe out

  • February 17, 2010 at 1:47 am

    I'd never even heard of this place until this post. I will be checking them out soon now. Their website looks good, and if they have the B&C stamp of approval it must be.

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