Feeling good about tonight’s dinner service. The pork roast is falling apart as it should. The brisket will enjoy the extra time in the low heat. Black raspberry Ice Cream is starting to set. The bartender will be here in a few minutes to go over the new cocktail, The Chinese Bloody Mary, that I’ve been waiting to unveil. It’s a tad spicy, but with the number of people who still order soup on a 95 degree day, this one should go over just fine.

I’m glad to see basil back in season. The aroma is so prevalent in the kitchen. It is sanguine at best, and demands attention like a colicky infant. It and a little tomato and olive oil are sufficient food on their own.

These are the days I enjoy, heat and all. It’s because like the smell of basil, heat triggers a memory of childhood, of yearning for a simpler day of cooling off in the muddy farm pond, and taking a drink out of the hose.

Hope you enjoy your evening, and that it includes a meal with us

A drink out of the hose