How to deal with negative criticism: Anonymity

I was in Radio Shack earlier this week to upgrade a phone and it was easy to see that the clerk behind the counter was getting a earful from an angry customer. As the conversation ensued, the clerk was getting visibly more upset. When the caller finally relented and hung up the phone, I told the clerk, “Don’t take it personally, you were just in the way.”

The guy on the phone chewing out the Radio Shack guy was likely getting something off his chest. Could be he was frustrated that the phone he ordered for his kid didn’t arrive … more »

How to deal with negative criticism

I still remember the naïve shock I experienced when I read that first negative comment about my restaurant that was published out in the open, on the Internet, for the entire world to see. My pulse rate quickened, breathing shortened. It was all I could do to finish the statement, which can be summarized in three words; your place sucks.

If you are in the business of offering a product to the public at large, you will most certainly face the scrutiny of negative criticism. Whether you are a writer, artist, chef, mechanic, politician etc. there is going to be … more »

The Problem with a Concept Like Ours….

Every coin has two sides. All good movies have a hero and a villain. And every good relationship has its strong points and weaknesses.

The same is true for good ideas.

We’ve built our concept around fresh, handmade simple food and drink. This means we start from scratch, every day, with bread. It is our core idea and ideal. We believe that if you pay attention to something as pedestrian as bread, and make it great, then all the other details fall into place.

But we must take a gamble in this venture, which banks on a belief that the more »

New Year’s Eve at bread&cup

New Year’s Eve



Friday, December 31st

Three courses with opening cocktail – 40 dollars per person



Sparkling Wine


Maytag Blue Cheese & Caramelized Leek Brulee

Frisee Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing


Cultiva Coffee Crusted Beef Tenderloin

Roasted Chicken

Veal Cordon Bleu

Lamb Two Ways


Maple Custard with Spiced Shortbread

Vanilla Bean Eggnog & Rum

18 Layer Crepe Cake with Dulche de Leche {pictured below}

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Scroogie McGrincherson

When the question gets posed, “Are you ready for Christmas?”, I find I don’t really know how to answer that one anymore. I think it’s because Christmas has taken on new meaning for me now in this middle stage of life.

I think it’s partly due to the fact that I want Christmas to stay the same as I remember it, with the magic of the season, the agony of waiting in anticipation, the vast variety of lights that a little boy was fascinated by. I can remember lying under the tree looking up at all the colors with a … more »

All I Ever Get For Christmas is Blue

I was talking with The Future the other day about Christmas music and our discussion led to bands that feel the need to make a Christmas CD and how often these kinds of albums don’t seem to measure up to anything else the band had recorded.I asked him if he had ever heard of Snow Angels by a group called Over The Rhine. His immediate response was, “Well, that’s not really fair to include them in this list.”

What he meant was, it’s a little like stacking the card deck, or pitting men against boys. It’s just not like all … more »

The Security of Treatment

It’s been nine weeks since the last dose of chemotherapy and I’ve shed more tears in this span than the full duration of our ordeal. It’s what I’m calling the security of treatment.

When you find yourself in the midst of a battle, you have certain defenses that kick into gear. The mind wants to ensure survival, so it moves to the lower levels of Maslow’s triangle and sets up camp. It’s why guys can endure such horrific conditions in the military, only to return home and not be able to carry on normal life. Dealing with extremes becomes easier more »

Gawd, look at all that food…

From a recent Journal Star article on portion size:

It’s an interesting dilemma, this portion size debate, because no one usually gets angry if they have too much food on the plate. Some of our most heated comments online have come from people complaining about the size of our servings and how they could get twice as much food for half the price at another location and they will never come back and they will tell all their friends to never eat here again and so on.

Have at it.

So do you give people what they want or … more »