Charlie bit me…

The Internet has had such an influence on our daily lives, its hard sometimes to recall what it was like to not have Google’s instant information search, Facebook’s ability to reconnect you everyone you didn’t know you wanted to reconnect with and thought you wanted to forget, and YouTube’s instant viral celebrity phenomenon.

The Internet has created new protocols, many of which I am uneducated. Are you supposed to follow everyone that follows you on Twitter? What am I supposed to tweet about: the weather, what I am eating, or resending the latest video link? I’m hesitant to retweet anything … more »

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I now have a son in college and thankfully he is asking the question, “What am I going to do with my life?” I told him better now than later, but not to worry too much about the specifics, but instead focus on learning who you are, then the specifics will become clearer.

In high school, I was counseled to become an engineer or architect, because these were respectable fields with jobs that provide good income and security, and like a lemming, dove into math and science classes my first year of college. I hated every minute of it because … more »

Why you may want to think about going into the food business

I recently came out from under my rock and discovered Daniel Pink, an author of a few books that I might eventually deem as important. It could be too early to tell, but if I’m right, I’ll have this post as proof five years from now that I recognized the significance of his thinking.

Two books in specific are A Whole New Mind and Drive. Here Pink points out three factors with which any business owner must contend if he or she is to be successful in the days ahead. He says if you can outsource it to India, … more »

on being labeled a Food Snob

I try to hide it as best I can, but it’s akin to asking a Husker fan to sit quietly through the upcoming Saturday afternoon matchup with Texas. If you are keenly interested in the outcome, it would be difficult to respond otherwise.

This interest I’m talking about is dining out at a restaurant.

Since becoming a restaurant owner, my dining experiences have changed. I have become more aware of what I eat and the environment in which I am served. It is difficult to turn off the evaluative mode and simply eat and enjoy without scrutiny, but such is … more »

The First Finish Line

Karen had her final treatment this week on Tuesday, crossing the finish line for the run of six that was originally prescribed. We now wait to see if her body has responded favorably to the medicine, of which her oncologist said 80% of women do. Here’s to hoping she is not in that 20%.

Reflecting back on the beginning of this story, I recall the shock and pain that came with the words, “you have cancer.” At that point I knew we had been handed something that we did not want, but could not return. This would be a new more »

Stored Potential

Some people collect baseball cards, or Hummel figurines or dryer lint; I consider myself a collector of friends, and I added several to my collection this weekend.

The chefs I had the privilege of working with on the Stored Potential dinner on Sunday afternoon were some of the best professionals I could have ever imagined. You might think that getting 8 chefs together in one location would only lead to something akin to a Top Chef episode, but it was far from it. No drama. No egos. Just old fashioned hard work, respect and an elevated level of cooking for … more »