Why I did Groupon

Many of you noticed that last Thursday we were the Lincoln feature on Groupon. It was a choice I considered hesitantly, but eventually decided to give it a shot. Business requires risk taking, and you might ask how is selling 1324 Groupons a risk. It was in my mind, but here is what put me over the edge.

One of the accomplishments of which I am very proud is our ability to market our restaurant with very little advertising. We’ve spent less than $1500 on print media in three years, relying mainly on our website, direct email (which is … more »

Monday, Monday

Monday morning. The time when most of you are rousing from your slumber, dragging yourself from the warm bed to the hot coffee pot and motoring off to your place of employment for another eight to nine hours of activity known as work.

My Mondays look a little different.

In fact, I don’t resent Mondays anymore, or at least not with the same reason. A Monday morning is never the same, but nevertheless it is mine to craft according to my prescription. I used to refer to it as my day off, but I have learned that as an entrepreneur, … more »

Helping you get through winter

There are some of you who love winter, and I suppose I would also if I ran a ski resort or a snow removal service. This would make me yearn for a constant deluge of snow so I could cash in at the bank. But I think I am in the majority when I say I don’t really thrive in the winter.

But winter is a season, inevitable as it may be, and there is no way around it besides moving to the Bahamas and waiting it out. But since I have a year round business to run, that isn’t … more »

Technological Discretion

The idea is not original to me, but it resonates deeply, and I am curious to see how it plays itself out in the coming years. Since scientific discovery and technological progress will likely not decline or go away any time soon, I believe we will be required to develop a new trait. Call it a skill, or character quality, or learned behavior, but the need to push ourselves away from the screen is going to be as vital as knowing when to stop eating when we are full.

I would simply call it technological discretion.

Technology, like food, is … more »

Game Day

When people see how close we are to Memorial Stadium, the typical response is always the same; “Wow, you must pack ’em in on Game Days.”
Not so much.
Being the closest watering hole does not bring us business by default. Football Saturdays have proven to be some of our worst sales days. Location, Location, Location applies if your business concept matches the demographic. The Sea of Red that flows by my place like a wandering river does not seem to step out of its banks, except to grab a cheap beer and Fairbury hot dog.
One thing I have … more »

How to Fire a Customer

Customer feedback is extremely important in understanding how you are delivering your product, but it’s also essential to be able to sift through those comments to discern the difference between personal preference and a legitimate beef.

If you own a business, and do not have a plan to garner customer feedback, all you need to do is a Google search of your company’s name and see if there is anything out there in cyberspace written about you of which you were unaware. There are a handful of sites I monitor regularly and use with my staff to address issues that … more »