The Perfect Storm

One component of my writing is to try and give you a peek inside the world of professional food, to affirm and dispel the romance that surrounds the idea of being a chef, propagated in large part to the media driven image seen on the ubiquitous televisions shows that puff the celebrity and make cooking look like the cool, hip profession you’ve always longed for.

Let me make it clear; you did not want my job last night.

Every Saturday, usually around 4PM, a cloud of anxiety begins to form over my head, mostly from a knowledge of all the … more »

Day 65

You haven’t seen Karen around the restaurant in the last couple of weeks because she has not been feeling well due to the fever she developed after the third treatment. You know how a fever can take any body ache and multiply it. Now add to it the joint pain from the Taxol and you have an idea what she went through.

Fever is a sign of infection, and especially in a cancer patient undergoing chemotheraphy, it is a cause for concern, since the white blood cells may not be adequate in number to fend off the infection. The cause … more »

Welcome, Erik

With the pace of business increasing since he got here, I’ve failed to post his proper introduction.

Welcome, Erik Hustad.

Erik joined our staff about four months ago and has immediately proven he was worth the risk in hiring him. When people ask me how I find such good people, I do have to admit that occasionally they find me.

I was unwinding with The Future late one afternoon at my local go-to watering hole, and in walks a mutual friend who was back in town for a few days from Seattle. After working through the awkwardness of determining the … more »

Eat until you’re hungry

Sustain. Sustainable. Sustainability. All buzz words of the current generation that get tossed around with such ease and abandon like chips on a craps table. But what does it actually mean to sustain.

The last three months of business have been a daily encounter with change and growth unlike what I’ve had in the first three years of operation. In this short period I have added two full time salaried employees, a new menu, some new equipment, an interior facelift, along with a new service attitude. Sales continue to be going in the right direction and I have more time … more »

Blue Woman Group

I’ve not posted anything about Karen lately since there hasn’t been much to report. There have been a few hiccups along the way, with some significant aches and nausea this past week. It did keep her away from the restaurant during our anniversary week, but not entirely and she was still able to meet and greet a few days. I am so grateful that the success of our business has been a mental diversion from the disruption of her treatment.

Probably the most interesting development as of late is the matter of hair, or lack thereof. I point out to … more »

From Here to There

Did someone get the number of that truck? As I passed beneath the undercarriage, I managed to glance back and seem to remember seeing the license plate reading 3.

3 as in “Three Years.”

For most of you, it was just another day, and for my employees, it was a much busier than average week. But for me, it was a huge milestone, one that has evoked memories that date back much further than these three short years. From where I sit this morning, I think back to the many years that bread&cup only existed in my mind, and to … more »


If you ever wonder what it takes to be a good chef, I would explain my journey like this. I believe the path to great food is not as much a matter of sheer talent as it is being a collector of great ideas.

I am proof that you can open a successful restaurant without experience or culinary training. It was for this reason that I was encouraged by many to take another route. Some suggested getting experience first by working for an established company or starting a smaller operation to see if I could do it or not. While … more »