The Road to Market to Table

Printing off the menu to return to Market vendors, showing them how we are using their products in our restaurant tonight. This is a win/win for both of us. The vendor shows their customer our menu, increasing our exposure. Word of mouth advertising is as old as the hills, and if I can get you to talk about my business, I don’t have to.… more »

The Road to Market to Table

Market opens now, so I will wander down and see what I find. Wish me luck.

Check email and find two takers responded late last night for the Pig’s Head Feast this evening. I find most folks don’t plan that far ahead. I love the magic of email marketing.

Set up the tent and booth to sell 10 dozen cinnamon rolls, granola, apple butter and ciabatta that is 2 hours old. Make sure everyone has what they need to get their day rolling. Change, cups, lids, keys, etc.

Saturday, 5:31am
Awake to my daughter’s alarm, followed by … more »

The Road to Market to Table

Friday, 8:48pm
Feeling the surge of the dinner crowd subside, which means getting ready for a Market Saturday. Making adjustments to our starter for the night baker who comes in at 11pm to make the cinnamon rolls and get the extra bread started for the demand of graduation weekend. Making a mental list of what I will likely find at the market tomorrow.… more »

A New Title

I decided to re-title my blog to reflect my current thoughts about this season of my life. As a chef, sustainable practices are certainly of interest to me. I would not go to the lengths that I do to try and source much of my food as close to home as possible if I didn’t think it was important. I just want to make sure I focus on the most significant matters first.

I am inundated with marketers trying to sell me products that are labeled “green” or “earth friendly” or “eco-wise.” Whatever name it is given I still find … more »