Objective #1 for 2010

I’ve set four objectives for our restaurant in 2010. I am a firm believer in the “aim at nothing; hit it every time” school of thought. I am not educated or experienced in the finer points of business management, but I am convinced of the fact that a simple plan can be as effective, if not more so, than a long, detailed one. I post these as an exercise in clarity for my sake, but I hope you will enjoy seeing behind the scenes of what it takes to make a restaurant successful.

  1. To maintain an outstanding environment for conversation
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The Stomach and the Soul

Occasionally I am asked about bread&cup, “What kind of place is this?” Behind the query are such options as, “A bakery?” “A café?” “A bistro” “A sandwich place?” “A little spot for lunch?”

In developing any kind of definition, it helps us both to first know what we are setting out to accomplish. The objective is as simple as our food. We are creating an outstanding environment for conversation and reflection.

To unpack this idea, I have to explain to you the quote above my kitchen, facing the front door for everyone to see as they enter. It reads:


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May I have an application, please?

Talk to any small business person for any length of time about their venture and I guarantee the topic of employees will come up sooner than later. Eventually the use of the line, “you just can’t get good help these days” will make it into the conversation.

I, however, am very grateful for my staff and feel privileged to hear most of the comments from customers about them. One woman in particular, told me yesterday that one of the things she likes about coming in to our restaurant is how enjoyable and interactive everyone seems to be. Another gentleman, who … more »


{circa 1988}

Ironic that I have been listening to Rush this week, the brainy iconic band of my younger days. I came across the song, Tom Sawyer, on the way home from saying my last goodbye to Kerry after our last meal served on Saturday night. Geddy Lee belts out this line that has new meaning after 29 years:

Exit the Warrior, Today’s Tom Sawyer, he gets high on you and the energy you trade he gets right on to the friction of the day.

A warrior for the vision of bread&cup steps aside today, Exits Stage Left, and moves … more »

First Slow Meal of 2010

A Slow Meal @ bread&cup
Saturday, January 16th, 2010
$50 per person
By reservation only
Call 402-438-2255

Five Course Menu
Includes 4 wine pairings

Rosemary & Sea Salt Flatbread with Garlic Olive Oil and Tomato Marmalade
Sparkling Mineral Water

Mushroom Ravioli
Earthy flavors of locally foraged morel mushroom, chevre, black walnuts

{2007 Donnafugata Sedara Nero d’Avola }
Sicily, Italy

Coq Au Vin
Locally raised chicken slowly braised in red wine (Zinfandel) sauce

{2007 Turley Dragon Vineyard Zinfandel}

Prime Rib
Nebraska raised grass fed beef, with Yorkshire pudding and sweet corn from York, NE … more »

Maybe I’m just an optimist…

During a scene in the film Up In The Air, Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is listening to his coworker Natalie (Anna Kendrick) recount her decision to decline a significant employment opportunity for the sake of following her boyfriend to live Nebraska. As Ryan rapidly repeated her words “To Nebraska!?! in utter disbelief…

…the entire Lincoln audience chuckled with agreement.

This is one thing I like about the place I call home. Hollywood can make fun of us and we can take the joke. We realize we aren’t the Mountains or the Beach or the Big City. It’s obvious that … more »