As you can see from these photos that are worth a thousand words, you can see why we take the time, spend the money and make the effort to travel. We do it for the sheer joy of it all. {k & k at Guinness Gravity Bar}

8 days unplugged from cell phones, from email, from Facebook, from peer pressure, from homework, and this is just what our kids were liberated from. It was eye-opening to see the release and reconnection that occurred when these common distractions were removed.

Sometimes it requires a little vision to see past what people think they want to what is really at the seat of desire. The immediate demands of gratification that are assuaged by constant electronic contact can overshadow the age old practice of simply being together. The urgency of the in box leads one to believe that it is more important to give it attention than the quieter invitation of rest & reflection. {l & k @ The Burren}

Our family made such great memories through this trip. We have stories to tell, and retell, and laugh along the way, like on the day we arrived and I was so exhausted from the travel, I fell asleep mid sentence while talking about cars.

One of the best decisions was to take the advice of a friend and purchase a small video/still camera for the trip. Even though we had a camera already, I forget how quickly technology changes and improves on itself. Photos like these help tell the story in ways that words don’t. {c & k & Galway City Square}

So if your Bucket List includes taking a family vacation this year, make sure to move that one to the top of the list. Time marches on, and so will your kids. Opportunities don’t necessarily wait, either. My dad always encouraged me to stop and smell the roses, because we don’t know when we will pass this way again. Following good advice like this is rarely met with regret.

Why we travel.