{Liffey River}
After a good night’s sleep, we ventured into the City Centre to get a sense of the city and see some of the sights. Here we are at the Liffey River, along the Temple Bar area.

This area is full of street performers, most of which were excellent at their craft. These two men played some of the best, rhythmic, Django Reinhart-esque themes I have heard. What made them more entertaining was the enthusiasm with which they played. These guys obviously loved the music, and that energy drew people in to listen.

After a quick lunch at Eamon Doran pub, we found the street and park that were locations for the film, Once. Again, more entertainers of amazing skill kept our attention, and made us look twice. It gave me a new appreciation for this venue.

As we left the train to return to our quarters, the streets were eerily empty, the reason being the Six-Nations rugby match between Ireland and Wales which was due to start. We decided to stop into a pub to see if we could catch a taste of this national sport. We found a noisy spot that reminded me of a bunch of Huskers, only dressed in green and white. It wouldn’t be complete without a Guiness or two as we watched in awe of the physical demands of this sport.

Certain rules were easy to decipher, but others required a question or two from a local in the know. Looks were traded as one player left the with a bleeding head injury, which the announcer referred to as a “blood sub.” Ouch.

One oddity we have found is the Obamania that is here. This t-shirt with Obama’s picture caught my attention. Would it work if I started a line of Gordon Brown wear? Maybe it could read, “What could Brown do for you?” I’m not sure Americans would get it.

We have an Irish President?