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About two and a half years ago I wrote a post titled Dream Fatigue, describing the mental difficulty in seeing an idea become a reality. The vision of bread&cup has been an idea much longer than it has been a place for you to eat. It took an incredible amount of energy to move it from existing as an image in the brain, to an actual place you can visit.

Ideas are like seeds. They both contain unimagined potential. Did your biology teacher ever ask you to count the seeds in an apple, and then turn the question around with a philosophical one, “How many apples are in the seed?” There’s a finite answer to the first, and an infinite one to the second.

If you think you have a good idea for a business, you have to treat that idea like a seed you would plant in a garden. You’ve got to first germinate it. Without getting that seed to sprout, you have nothing. I’ve tried to plant some pretty expensive tomato seeds over the years, but it doesn’t matter the pedigree if you can’t get them to grow.

In this way, another person who has made bread&cup the place that it is Kerry. The chef of a restaurant often gets the lion’s share of the credit, since the food is most predominant aspect the customer sees. But what gets overlooked is all the effort, the years of planning and prior preparation that went into getting the doors open. I can easily say we would not be where we are without his contribution.

In relation to ideas, Kerry is what I would call a Germinator. A Germinator is a person that not only knows the importance of starting with a good idea, but also is willing to adapt in order to see the idea sprout. When the idea for bread&cup appeared, he took the idea, held it for years and like a patient gardener, waited for movement.

When dream fatigue hits, make sure you have a Germinator with you.

Thanks, Kerry.

Thanks, Kerry

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