Enjoying a slow start to the day on my quasi-day-off. Anyone who owns their own business knows that it wants to follow you wherever you go, so I have to learn to make it harder to tag along. So what am I doing writing? Isn’t that work?

Work related, I guess, but most usually I find writing an entry a replenishing act. I don’t think out loud through conversation; I do it internally via reflection and observation. Sitting on my little screened-in porch, listening to the wind surfing over the forty foot tall maple and oak trees in my 60’s era neighborhood, and watching the sparrow find twigs for her nest; this is where I do my best recovery work.

We had a nice weekend at the restaurant, even with Friday being slow. I wish there was some kind of objective research available to know how public responses work. I would guess there are certain factors like weather, or sporting events or holidays that make people think, “We should go there to eat.” But sometimes there almost seems to be an intangible mood that affects the restaurant business. I recall this kind of group think happened when I lived in a dormitory in college with 45 other guys. But does that reach across a whole city? I’d be curious to find out. I bet there is some professor out there that wrote a thesis on it. If you find it, let me know.

One thrill in my line of work is the anticipation of you eating the food we have taken great care in preparing. I liken it to finding that just-right gift for your friend’s birthday. You can’t wait to give it and see the response. I get that all the time. In fact, if a chef loses that excitement, it may be time to rethink the profession.

When I saw the large size of morel mushrooms Dave brought me last week, I immediately envisioned them placed in front of you in their final form on the square white plates that we use. We took some of the smaller ones and made a roasted puree and combined their rich earthy flavor with some fresh local goat cheese, and stuffed the larger ones with this filling. “Folks will love these.” I thought to myself, and you did, I relish this aspect of cooking.

I think our email list is working properly now, so hopefully no more blank or non existent emails will be sent uninforming you of what we will be serving. Weather sounds like it will be great this week. The Saltdogs home opener at Haymarket Park is this Friday, which means a free fireworks show after the game. Our patio is a perfect place to enjoy this display, which on average happens around 10pm, depending on when the game ends.

Make it count.

On Fungus and Fireworks