I spend a lot of time thinking through why I cook. It’s a common question thoughtful chefs ask. It’s important for us to understand the motive for why we spend such long hours in a profession that has an inordinate demand for inequitable compensation.

But there is also, I believe, reason for why people come to eat the food we enjoy preparing. And I would pose the question here; do you know why you eat?

Once you get past the “duh…because I’m hungry?!?” response, I invite you to go a little further. Sure we eat because our stomachs tell us to, but have you considered what the deeper parts of you are saying? Listen closer and you might be intrigued by what you hear.

Many Americans eat for value, wanting big food for little prices, and never quite get beyond the buffet line, which is fine if you are feeding a small army of kids after soccer season. But is there a place for the food you eat to take you places you may not be able to go on your own?

I am all for teaching people to cook and often tell my recipes or techniques freely to inquiring guests, but I also know that even my skill level is limited and as often as possible like to trust my plate into the hands of professionals who have as their goal to make me say “Wow!” You may cook extremely well, and it’s precisely that fact that allows you to appreciate your meal when it is carefully crafted by another.

Eating encompasses both extremes. On the one hand it is basic survival and yet on the other it is sheer pleasure. Thankfully we live in a time where our continued existence doesn’t depend on whether or not we shot a wild animal to eat that day. We can enjoy with gratitude a meal as entertainment, with good friends alongside.

I have printed on my business card as my title, “Entertainer.” I’m in the business of food to entertain. I’m not just interested in cooking for you, but also in knowing that the environment in which you and your companions are eating it is equally satisfying. This is what I want your visit to bread&cup to be about. Come in as our guests, let us entertain you, and maybe even inspire you with what you experience here.

More than just tying on the feedbag…