I just finished pulling the bone marrow for the evening meal. The duck legs are resting in their fat and I just sampled the beer with the flabread and believe we made a good match. I’m looking forward to the evening.

Tonight the Modern Monks release their St. Meinrad Belgian Quadruppel. Named after St. Meinrad the patron saint of hospitality, this beer is sustenance for guests and friends and is nourishment for the soul. It is a wonderfully fruity, malty Belgian Dark Strong beer.

A high gravity beer like this needs some hefty food alongside. This gives us a chance to expand our options a bit and offer something you may not necessarily take the risk to order. Come early and savor the complex flavor of simple food and drink.

We’ll set the table: you bring the conversation.



Confit Duck Legs $7

Crispy Bone Marrow $8

Roasted Chicken Wings $6

-spicy peanut

-sweet sesame

Flatbread with Serrano Ham, Manchego & Quince $8

Modern Monks St Meinrad Belgian Quadruppel