Of course Karen will kill me when she sees I put this picture of us online, but we are staying awake all day to try and get adjusted quickly to the time, so who cares if we don’t look the best. I, of course, feel used to this sleep-deprived state and just imagine myself getting ready to bake, and I am in the right mindset to go for several more hours.

I was pleasantly surprise to stumble across such a delightful array of fresh breads right away at a local market. This large display of soda bread made me think I should consider taking inspiration from this commonly found staple here. I see now why so many of our well traveled customers and European guests respond to our breads. It’s much like what they experience here. Fresh, handmade and baked daily.

A hike, a pub lunch and a chance to settle in makes a great first day.

Made It Here