{photo of k&k}

Enjoying the first real time off since March with Karen this weekend. Ironic that Ireland was our last destination, and now an Irish Fest is our choice. Held in Weston, MO, this little underground pub was one of three stages from which to enjoy some outstanding Celtic themed music, including a long time favorite of mine, Seven Nations. {photo of 7N}

A surprise act was Flannigan’s Right Hook, a KC based act that did more covers than original tunes, which I thought was surprising, but effective. How they found their way into a version of Time, by Pink Floyd, with electric fiddle substituting for Roger Waters soaring geetar, then into a traditional Irish jig, was beyond me, but they did it. I asked the fiddler after the show how they came up with the idea to blend those two songs, he said, “I don’t know, but that is my favorite part of the show.” I think it was mine, too.

{photo Flannigan’s Right Hook}

Irish Music in a German dug cave