About a month or so ago, I began to sense some significant heart palpitations. I’ve had them before, which is why I knew what they were, but never to this degree. Ten years ago I probably would have just pushed on through without much thought. But this time at my age, it brought me some concern.

My first response was to call my sister, who is a registered nurse and who’s opinion on medical issues I highly respect. I explained my symptoms to her on the phone, and after a brief query, she reached her conclusion. Delivered in a way only an older sister could, she bluntly said, “Preacher, you need to listen to your own sermon.”

I knew exactly what she meant.

How ironic that the very concept that permeates my whole philosophy on food has not made its way to how I manage my health? What’s the use of putting sustainable food on your plate if it isn’t put there by a sustained chef?

I saw a chance this afternoon to atone for some of my recent frenetic series of choices by getting outside and enjoying the 72 degree air that had notes of bright sunshine and a hint of Colorado. Maddie, our beagle, was in the back yard baying at the slightest stimulation that came across her nasal radar, so I figured the outing would do us both some good. So off to the dog run we went, knowing the IN box will be right where I left it.

Some of you said you missed our food at Jazz in June last night, and I have to confess that I missed the deadline for sign up, and didn’t get our booth registered in time. But it’s one of those clouds that has a silver lining. As good as business has been this last month, both at the restaurant and Farmer’s Market, it would be stretching our manpower too thin to add another major set up to an already taxed staff. Sometime you have to be able to say no. And this time it was said for me.

72 and sunny.