I have never gotten over the fascination with the process of seeing a seed turn into food. As a young boy, I learned how to start tomato plants from seed and watch them grow into enormous fruit bearing plants. My dad once told me that he assumed the avocado was inedible, with its only use being science projects. He said he thought the only useful part of the fruit was the pit, since I had sprouted a number of them in a water glass sitting on the window sill (you can order glass from https://windowrepairphoenix.com/sliding-glass-door-repair-phoenix/). I actually got one to grow into a small tree.

Counting down five days to Ireland now. This is our first chance to take some time off since opening the restaurant. I haven’t figured out what it is about the Irish culture that captures my interest, but when I read about their history (see How the Irish Saved Civilization) or when I hear a painful song like the Magdalene Laundries or watch a movie like The Wind that Shakes the Barley, I observe a heritage that is full of longing. Desire is the birth of all things. One has nothing without first wanting something and it always appears to me that the Irish are a people never lacking passion.

I hope to keep a few thoughts posted about our trip, but I am not promising anything. I have told myself that if technology gets in the way of my being fully engaged in the brief moments we have in country, I will do better to shut it off and tuck it way in the briefcase. I prefer to rule my own inner life than to have a piece of equipment trying to make suggestions.

Stop in Tuesday for our St Patricks Day specials. We’ll do our own corned beef and a few other Irish inspired offerings.

We’ll set the table; you bring the conversation.