One Thing

What’s the most important quality I want to see in the kitchen?

It’s certainly not a culinary degree, which is not useless by any means, but knowledge does not a great chef make. Knowledge can lead to arrogance, and while arrogance can serve as a motivating factor in a person’s drive to advance (take any random Top Chef episode and you will see my point), it will eventually catch up and take over if not held in check. Arrogance makes you an asshole. Knowledge and Arrogance makes you an informed one. Neither are that important in my kitchen.

And while … more »

It’s not gross tasting, is it?

One aspect of my job I love is walking through the dining room, hearing comments about the food and answering questions regarding origin, cooking techniques and such. Beaujolais Nouveau last night was especially interesting, because we get to treat our customers with dishes they might not normally see in our home town. Here’s a rundown of what we served

Oxtail Soup

We seasoned and seared the tail pieces before we braised them all night at around 220 degrees. There is no substitute for the transformative effect long, slow heat. Remove the meat, de-fat and clarify the stock and reassemble for … more »

A friend of mine raves about this place…

Saturday night. I still have a noisy dining room, but it has settled down enough to let my staff take it from here. And now is the time of week I cherish. My finish line is crossed. I’ve taken my apron off, which is the signal to the Beer Pastor to preach me her sermon, except she’s sick tonight, so I’ll have to settle for the interim.

Here is where I get to review the day and ultimately, the week, and relish the fruit of our labors. A gentleman stopped by the kitchen to tell us that the Smoked Meatloaf … more »

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner…

Restaurants open. Restaurants close. And last month brought its share of both. And since I regularly get asked what I think about the new places, or the ones that went under, here’s what I think, free of charge.

I gain no satisfaction watching any business go under, because I am a businessman. I started with a dream, a little idea that got nurtured into reality. I know the feeling of excitement and anticipation. I know how much work is involved in hashing out all the details, in coming up with list after list to check over twice in making … more »

You have 12 Mac n cheese all day…

I acknowledge that it certainly is frustrating show up at our restaurant expecting to enjoy a particular dish, only to find that we are sold out or that it is not longer on the menu. Let me explain why this happens occasionally.


In a small place like ours, we have to make estimations on how many items we believe we will sell on a given night. We get this number from two different sources. One, from past performance and receptivity and two, out of thin air. In October, Mac & 3 Cheese was a hit, so we prepared to … more »