Fifty Five Degrees and Counting

Like a good hedonist, I am gaining pleasure at autumn’s expense this afternoon, watching the oaks and maples change into their more colorful garments before dispensing of them entirely. Similarly, I am also basking in the afterglow of an incredible week of restaurant life, much in part to the review in the Lincoln Journal Star on a week ago Friday.

Reviews can make or break a place, and we certainly saw the former at work all week. It allowed folks to know that we now serve a dinner menu every night of the week, and attendance proved that fact. Around … more »

Cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue..

{photo of Ellis Island}

The bad thing about time off is that it eventually comes to an end, but I’m not complaining, mind you. We had a great weekend away, and I have a great job to which I can return.

This photo shows Ellis Island playing the Hall Stage in the underground pub at the Weston Brewing Co in Weston, MO. It is two stories underground and originally was used to lager beer at a cool, natural temperature. It has now become a unique venue for music, certainly the most distinct place I’ve ever witnessed. I love … more »

Irish Music in a German dug cave

{photo of k&k}

Enjoying the first real time off since March with Karen this weekend. Ironic that Ireland was our last destination, and now an Irish Fest is our choice. Held in Weston, MO, this little underground pub was one of three stages from which to enjoy some outstanding Celtic themed music, including a long time favorite of mine, Seven Nations. {photo of 7N}

A surprise act was Flannigan’s Right Hook, a KC based act that did more covers than original tunes, which I thought was surprising, but effective. How they found their way into a version … more »

Back off the throttle just a bit, son

Enjoying a nice relaxing Monday with cup of coffee at Aroma, one of my favorite Omaha chill spots. A woman asked me at the Farmer’s Market yesterday if my mind ever shuts off, and I told her that my best option was to just keep it idling on lower RPM’s than normal. It works better for me to divert my attention than it does to power down. Like when I woke up at 5am this morning, it does me no good to stay in bed, else I end up staring at the ceiling. I might as well put the waking … more »