Bringing the Season to a Close


Only one more chance to experience the bread&cup Market Meal this Saturday evening. We feature four to five courses, available ala carte or as a prix fixe. We troll the market as soon as it opens and choose what we will serve that evening based on what we find that morning. The menu is set by 9:30am and we then go to work putting the goods we found into an extremely fresh, original menu for you to enjoy.

As the market closes, we will continue to feature locally grown products on Saturday night.more »

Supply and Demand

Maybe it’s due to my age, personality, social background, or just that I got started rather late in this business than most, but I find my biggest challenge in the whole process of being a chef and owner of a restaurant that tries to serve locally sourced food grown using sustainable practices is not the supply of product, but the demands on me.

I don’t see myself as a particularly talented or gifted person as much as one who is willing to make up for what I don’t know with hard work. Growing up, I was never athletically noticeable, but … more »

Monks and Chefs

I love how the sunlight offers a different hue in the fall as it penetrates the limbs and leaves of the trees here in my backyard. My garden plants recognize it as their signal to make the necessary adjustments in preparation for their passing from one season to the next, some setting on seed pods, some changing their facial color, others just simply fading away. It’s this reduction of daylight that tells the Schlumbergera, or Christmas Cactus, to begin producing its flower pods that will bloom in November or December. These transformations are the fascinations I hope to never more »

Mild, with a low of 55 degrees

The air has definitely shifted from strength of summer to the calmness of autumn. I’m always amazed at the pleasant emotion evoked from seeing even the most subtle of changes, like the shade of greenish yellow that was just a few days ago a dark green field of soybeans. It’s a feeling of relief, which hints that the earth is cycling into a season of rest, and so should I.

I saw that soybean field, and many others like it, on my drive out to Henderson, NE, to pick up the beef I had processed for use in our restaurant … more »