The Face of bread & cup

{photo of Karen}

Conventional wisdom proclaims that you should never go into business with your friends or your spouse.

Two strikes against us right off the bat.

So why did I believe Karen and I should go against prudence and embark on a venture so few couples attempt? It has to do with a common discussion she and I have had over the years.

We both have loved to entertain guests in our home over the years. Be it a nice dinner party, or a casual cookout, we would almost always run into the same conversation. As our guests arrived, … more »

Thanks, Kerry

{photo of Kerry}

About two and a half years ago I wrote a post titled Dream Fatigue, describing the mental difficulty in seeing an idea become a reality. The vision of bread&cup has been an idea much longer than it has been a place for you to eat. It took an incredible amount of energy to move it from existing as an image in the brain, to an actual place you can visit.

Ideas are like seeds. They both contain unimagined potential. Did your biology teacher ever ask you to count the seeds in an apple, and then turn … more »

Thanks, Julie

Another person that makes bread&cup what it is today is our Maven.

A maven serves a wonderful role as a gatherer of information and in turn, passes that information on to others for their benefit. Trust me, you want a maven on your side when opening a new restaurant, and few have the ability to promote the knowledge of our business better than Julie.

I got to know Julie when our sons were in sports together when they were younger. Before we opened, as Julie learned we were planning a restaurant and understood more about our concept, she told me, … more »

Alive and well in Lincoln, NE

Having read so many reviews and seen so many previews for it, and as a purveyor of food I knew I needed to have first hand knowledge of the new film, Julie&Julia. My daughter and I just returned from seeing it, and I felt compelled to record my thoughts and dial them into the mix.

After seeing the movie, I believe our fascination with this story (the theatre was packed) is that there is something in it for which we each yearn.

First off, I admit I was moved by the movie, more so than I expected, but maybe for … more »

Thanks, Kris

{cherry tomatoes}

We are approaching the two year mark this month, and true to my melancholic nature, birthdays and anniversaries always cause me to think back on the years prior and ask how life was different then than it is now. Those opening days and weeks of bread&cup were in many ways a blur. I can’t imagine doing those over again. I think I’m tired now. How easily I forget what bone deep fatigue felt like. Needless to say we are in a much better place now.

I am wise enough to know that I didn’t get here on my … more »