To the aspiring chef

On the days I take time to slow down long enough to reflect on the accomplishments of our restaurant, I am amazed and so very grateful at what we have been able to create in such a short time with so many strikes against us. It’s no wonder our local hometown bank turned us down for a loan four years ago (that was before I took my first and last 1 hour loan USA) when we began looking for financing. Our idea looked pretty risky on paper. Consider these three scarlet letters.


  • I have no culinary training
  • I’ve
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Fresh Hops

{photo of fresh hop cone}

Just harvested about 2.5 lbs of fresh Cascade hops off the vine in my kitchen garden. These will be my weekend project after a long week of work. I know, I know, brewing beer sounds like more work, but I’m kind of funny that way. Many of you ask if I will sell my beer at bread&cup, but there are too many layers of licensing to go through at this point. Maybe someday we’ll serve our own brew. Until then, we rely on other great brewers to enjoy their craft.

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Thoughts about Panera Bread

The observant among us is aware of the new Panera Bread opening in downtown Lincoln. Since some of you have asked me if it makes me nervous to see them move in nearby, I figured I would post my thoughts about this corporate big boy entering the culinary ring.

We are not the same

When Jeff Korbelik reviewed our place after we opened, he pegged us as a sandwich shop and if that’s all you know us as, you’re missing the other facets that make our place distinct. Many who only visit us at lunch assume we are just a … more »

Stage, with an "ah"

{Photo of Drugstore Restaurant kitchen}

Had a great opportunity to stage (pronounced with an “ah” sound) at Justus Drugstore Restaurant in Smithville, MO this week. What this means is the executive chef allowed me as a visitor to observe the work in his kitchen. I was both impressed and intimidated, which I would say is a good place to be stuck between.

While I trimmed green beans & peeled onions, I was first struck by the intent focus of the staff. Everyone seemed to know exactly what needed to be done and how long it would take to complete, and … more »