The Economy

I get asked all the time if we feel the effects of the sluggish economy in our restaurant, and I have to say no, that business keeps getting better for us as time moves along. I don’t know what exactly to attribute that to, for we certainly are not in a bullet-proof industry, but there are a few factors I believe have given us an edge in these uncertain economic times.

  • People are still like eating out.
Our 21st century lifestyle includes going out to eat, regardless of the call by Oprah to eat more meals at home. I don’t … more »

Working in the kitchen

I love the environment of the kitchen, especially a commercial one. We just decided to do a small kitchen remodeling. Albeit very small, my headquarters allows me to do a job that I love and run it how I see fit. All chefs have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. Here’s a glimpse into my world.

1. On the days I bake, I arrive at 4:15am. After turning on the lights, the coffee extractor and checking the credit card report, I plug in the iPod. One of my favorite albums to turn up loud is John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. … more »

Why we travel.

As you can see from these photos that are worth a thousand words, you can see why we take the time, spend the money and make the effort to travel. We do it for the sheer joy of it all. {k & k at Guinness Gravity Bar}

8 days unplugged from cell phones, from email, from Facebook, from peer pressure, from homework, and this is just what our kids were liberated from. It was eye-opening to see the release and reconnection that occurred when these common distractions were removed.

Sometimes it requires a little vision to see past what people … more »

More on Ireland

Now, back to remembering where we were a week and a half ago.

We were about to reach the train station to hop aboard for our journey westward when we got the phone call that Karen’s dad had passed. After returning to our quarters and phone calls back to the states, discussing details with family, it was agreed that we should continue with that portion of our trip.

{photo} We arrived in Galway late afternoon, and our hosts were ready to show us their city. An immediate stop at this pub gave us our first serendipitous moment. Typically, traditional sets … more »