In Memory of Travis Hendrick 1928 – 2009, Part II

I remember meeting my father in law, Travis, for the first time around twenty years ago; when I decided I do the chivalrous deed and ask permission and blessing to marry his daughter, Karen. I was living in northern California at the time, and their home in Bakersfield was about a six hour train ride from where I was in San Francisco. With suitcase in sweaty hand, I hopped aboard and ventured off to meet him and Betty.

We had a nice dinner together on their peaceful acreage on the Kern River, and after we finished eating, Betty encouraged us … more »

In Memory of Travis Hendrick 1928 – 2009

Just as life does not wait around for a person to decide if he or she will live it fully, neither does death take those plans into consideration when it comes calling. Tuesday morning, as we were leaving for Galway, we received the news that Karen’s dad, Travis, had passed away. Grateful we were not already in route, we wheeled around and returned to our quarters where we made plans to change Karen’s ticket to fly back to the US a day early.

Once we contacted family and made all the necessary arrangements, we decided to keep our date with
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It keeps getting better…

It keeps getting more better as we visited Malehide Castle, home of 30 generations of Talbots. The last surviving family member who lived there passed away only last month. I am struck by how OLD things are in this place. Craftsmanship that was built to last. A chair 500 years old!?! Last month I threw away an office chair I had for about three years.

But the day was topped off by our visit to the Wishing Well, a local pub with a standing engagement of local musicians gathering to play traditonal Irish folk songs. Good friends, a … more »

Day 3

We had some nice food and drink highlights today, starting with Guiness Storehouse. They are celebrating their 250th anniversary of making the world-renown stout, with 8750 years to go on their 9000 year lease signed by Arthur Guiness. As a business owner, I am fascinated at how the commitment to excellence and social values of one man are continually carried out this many years later. At one point, Guiness had to choose whether or not to stop making other ales and simplify his focus by making the dark beer. That choice proved to be the right one, and that … more »

We have an Irish President?

{Liffey River}
After a good night’s sleep, we ventured into the City Centre to get a sense of the city and see some of the sights. Here we are at the Liffey River, along the Temple Bar area.

This area is full of street performers, most of which were excellent at their craft. These two men played some of the best, rhythmic, Django Reinhart-esque themes I have heard. What made them more entertaining was the enthusiasm with which they played. These guys obviously loved the music, and that energy drew people in to listen.

After a quick lunch at Eamon more »

Made It Here

Of course Karen will kill me when she sees I put this picture of us online, but we are staying awake all day to try and get adjusted quickly to the time, so who cares if we don’t look the best. I, of course, feel used to this sleep-deprived state and just imagine myself getting ready to bake, and I am in the right mindset to go for several more hours.

I was pleasantly surprise to stumble across such a delightful array of fresh breads right away at a local market. This large display of soda bread made me think … more »

I have never gotten over the fascination with the process of seeing a seed turn into food. As a young boy, I learned how to start tomato plants from seed and watch them grow into enormous fruit bearing plants. My dad once told me that he assumed the avocado was inedible, with its only use being science projects. He said he thought the only useful part of the fruit was the pit, since I had sprouted a number of them in a water glass sitting on the window sill (you can order glass from I actually got … more »

15 hours

I don’t know how many people get to experience the kind of joy I am feeling right now.

Tonight was the kind of moment I had hoped bread&cup would be. We have partnered with some fellas who call themselves the Modern Monks, guys who love the simple pleasure of brewing beer and sharing it with their friends. We unleashed their St Meinrad tonight, a strong, dark, Belgian Quadruppel ale. Malty, fruity and full of spirit and strength, it was an easy beer with which to pair our food. I was surprised how many took me up on the Crispy Bone … more »

Modern Monks St Meinrad Belgian Quadruppel

I just finished pulling the bone marrow for the evening meal. The duck legs are resting in their fat and I just sampled the beer with the flabread and believe we made a good match. I’m looking forward to the evening.

Tonight the Modern Monks release their St. Meinrad Belgian Quadruppel. Named after St. Meinrad the patron saint of hospitality, this beer is sustenance for guests and friends and is nourishment for the soul. It is a wonderfully fruity, malty Belgian Dark Strong beer.

A high gravity beer like this needs some hefty food alongside. This gives us a chance more »

Jobs I Never Want To Do

There are a couple of positions I never want to hold in life.

One is a Parking Enforcement Officer. I’m amazed at people who can do this job. Think about it this way; your work involves carrying out a duty that pisses people off. No one ever wants to see you, and when you do show up, you cause people to panic, beg perfect strangers for loose change, or just simply flee your presence. This would have to create paranoia in an otherwise normal person. Last week, I got to my truck just as the meter maid was finishing up … more »