Out of town, enjoying a couple of days off from the restaurant, I’m sitting by the fire this morning, looking out the window at the winter weather that adjusts all the color settings on my retina to monochrome. In theory, we all know the importance of taking personal rest, but when that notion goes head to head against the urgency of all the demands of a restaurant, the latter seems to win the bout on a regular basis. Yet the former is holding his own as a formidable contender this weekend.

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People ask me all the time where I got my culinary education and my simple answer to that question is, “I read a lot.”

Much of what I know I owe to books. Like Will, who boasted to the Harvard kid in the film Good Will Hunting, you can get a pretty good education at the public library for a dollar fifty in late charges. I can’t say that my fines were that low, but over the years I’ve gleaned a significant amount of knowledge and ideas from the shelves at Bennet Martin.

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Kernel & Grain

Here is an embarrassingly easy soup for you to experiment with. I keep the herbs simple, but you can try new combinations to suit your fancy. This is great on a cold winter day like we’ve had today.

The key ingredient in this soup is malted wheat. This can be found at your local home brewers shop. Make sure you get whole berries and not cracked or ground. I get mine at Kirk’s Brew here in Lincoln. The wheat adds a malty sweetness, and absorbs the flavors in its surroundings, leaving a chewy, whole grain texture to the soup.

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