When people comment occasionally about our music choices in bread&cup, I usually end up telling my Miles Davis story.

I’m intrigued by beginnings, at how trends or movements get started. In this way, Vegas fascinates me, as does the collapse of the Soviet Union. And if I could step back in time, I would go back to 1959 and hear first hand the recording that many believe has had the biggest effect on music, even to this day.

Up through the 50’s, jazz music was increasing in its complexity. The popular bebop style was fast, intricate and exciting. But to players like Miles Davis, once you learned to play through all the changes, the music got boring. So instead of improvising through a harmonic structure, he proposed a melodic focus. A mode or musical scale would be the basis of playing instead of several severe chord progressions.

The result? By making jazz simpler, it opened the doors for more expression and further improvisation and creativity. In 1959, Davis recorded his influential album, Kind of Blue, and it changed music forever.

Critics thought it would jeopardize the integrity of jazz by discouraging the discipline of learning the basics and foundations of music. Their rationale was that any kid could pick up a saxophone and dink around with a scale, but would not take the time to understand theory, history and such. But it did the opposite.

In turn by simplifying jazz, it made room for new players to get interested in making music. John Coltrane, a friend of Davis, flourished under this new way of playing. It was said of Davis, that on occasion he would leave the stage during a set as Coltrane began his improv, get a drink at the bar, and return to pick up his trumpet 45 minutes later as the solo was ending.

I believe food is experiencing a similar revival. Our culture is becoming aware that with food, simpler is better. Thus the line in our name, “bread&cup – simple food and drink.”

Taste simple for yourself. Stop in on a Friday or Saturday evening to try our entrée of the weekend. This week we serve a Spinach and Portabella Mushroom Lasagna, made with hand rolled pasta, three kinds of cheese and served with our fresh bread and a simple salad.

We’ll set the table; You bring the conversation.

Why Miles Davis?