I register my first “brew injury” last night as I was trying to get a small batch of ale made from my fresh cascade hops that I picked from my backyard vine yesterday. As I was transferring hot water into the mash vessel, steam bit my fingers unexpectedly, causing me to reflexively drop the container on the ground. Only problem was, the water splashed toward me instead of away, filling my right shoe and soaking my sock. The end result was a stinging, blistered ankle.

But the good news is that the beer is in the fermenter gurgling away. I harvested ten ounces of fresh, wet cones, and used them all. We’ll see how it turns out

The fact that I actually had time to brew a few gallons last night is an indicator of one of the improvements I’ve been able to make since opening our place nearly one year ago. There is no way I would have had time to leisurely enjoy my brewing craft, even a couple of months ago. So much has developed in a year’s time.

When we finally opened our doors August 6th of last year, it felt as if a baby was born. The constant need of attention reminded me of when our two children were infants. There was no rest, no letting down, constant fatigue, chaos became the norm. I was so exhausted all the time, I remember thinking that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. Was this what my life was going to be like now? How could 45 year old knees take it?

Thanks to some good people around me, looking out for me, I now bake one day a week instead of six. I have a little time to myself in the mornings to write and reflect. The house recipes are common knowledge among the staff and our values are in place so that we produce a consistent experience for our customer.

Next Wednesday will mark our first anniversary in business, and we have three ways planned to say thank you.

· Monday, Aug 04 – Free copy of our first music CD, titled Fresh Bread, Vol I to every customer
· Tuesday, Aug 05 – Free cinnamon roll to the first 75 people
· Wednesday, Aug 06 – Happy Hour Celebration w/ free appetizers and drink specials 4pm – 6pm

As always, we’ll set the table; you bring the conversation.



Find us at the corner of 8th & S in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket



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