There can’t be a much more simple food than soup.

Even Andrew, one of our kitchen staff, asked me after making it if that was all there was to it, because it was the easiest soup he’s ever made. That’s one reason why I don’t give out the recipe. It’s embarrassingly simple.

The soup in reference is our Tomato Curry & Peanut, easily our most popular soup on the current active list of 11 we make each week. I love using peanut as a flavor component, but in past attempts of trying to incorporate it into a soup, I’ve come up with something that looks more like peanut gravy or just hot liquid peanut butter in a bowl.

Our Tomato Curry & Peanut is obviously full of peanut flavor, but equally full of spice from the blend of curry we use in it. We make and serve this soup now twice a week in response to the demand. You’ll find it on the menu on Mondays and Saturdays.