It’s 5:07am, the typical time I start my day, unless its Wednesday, by which time I am already mixing dough and proofing cinnamon rolls. I’ve always been a morning person, not by choice, but more by surrender. My body wakes up early and won’t go back to sleep again until after lunch. This is why I wish our culture adopted the practice of siesta. This one little change would make things a whole lot easier on me.

The rewards of bread&cup have been many, especially in these last two week since the review was published in the Omaha World Herald. Countless folks have been in as a result. One couple, on their way to Ohio, was having breakfast in North Platte at their hotel, saw the article and decided to stop in for lunch. When they realized that we are not that far off the Interstate, that made it even better. “Often its hard finding good food when we travel,” they said, “so this was a treat.”

As the temperatures drop, the reality of losing our outdoor seating looms near. We have a few space heaters that knock the chill off the evening air a bit, but the harsh Nebraska wind will eventually render that ineffective. All is not lost, however, as we move indoors we will be able to introduce new entrée’s that will warm the body and soothe the senses. They don’t call it comfort food for nothing.

Soups, which are always a mainstay for us regardless of seasonal temperature, will become richer and more hearty as the mercury sinks lower. Below is our list for October, which we will stick to fairly close, unless of course we find an ingredient that demands to be utilized. Always check our home page at for the soup listing of the day.

V= Vegetarian

GF= Gluten free


Tuscan White Bean – V

Pumpkin Mulligatawny – V, GF


Italian Pasta

Tomato Curry & Peanut


Split Pea & Sausage

Kernel & Grain – V


Tomato Curry & Peanut – V,GF

French Onion


Black Bean & Lime Salsa – V, GF

Squash Swirl – V, GF


Chef’s Choice

Soup List for October