In the flurry of yesterday’s business, I realized afterward that I failed to post our Market Meal menu this week. Not that it does much good now, but maybe seeing it will draw you back next week. I’ve added a few prep notes below.

Salad Course

Radish & Beet Top Salad with Rosewater Vinaigrette
Sanders Country Kitchen, Dwight, NE

I was especially impressed by the freshness of these greens, and did not want to add a dressing that would mask or destroy the tender, springlike flavor they possessed. So I made a simple vinaigrette with white vinegar, honey and rosewater, which gave it aroma as well as a light flavor. A touch of sea salt was sprinkled on top.

Soup Course

Cream of Asparagus with Dill
Sunwest Farm, Lincoln, NE
G&L Produce, Bruno, NE

Roasting brings out a little more sweetness in the vegetable, and pressing it through a chinois makes the texture much smoother. A handful of fresh dill is added at the very end.

Main Course

Stuffed Beef Burger with Asparagus & Hollandaise
Piedmontese beef from Moening Farms, Battle Creek, NE
Asparagus from Sunwest Farms, Lincoln, NE
Herbs from Harvest Home, Waverly, NE

Extremely lean ground beef from a breed of cattle developed by Dr Larry Moening was stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, flat leaf parsley and spring green onion. We served it with roasted asparagus and a classic hollandaise sauce.

Saturday Market Meal