An icon is a symbol that represents an idea, concept or story that is important to the observer. They are often associated with religious practices, but I would assert that we all make use of them in some way.

From eyeshot of my easy chair this morning I can see several in my home. Upon first encounter you would probably not call the framed print or the old license plate or wooden crate an icon, but if I explained to you the story behind each of those items, you would learn that everytime I look at these three pieces, they symbolize memories of my wife, my childhood and my dad.

Icons help us remember. They keep us connected to values that are important. And occasionally we need to remind ourselves of these, lest we forget what it is we hold dear and what it is we are trying to accomplish.

bread&cup has its share of icons around the physical space. This one is especially a fun one.

On occasion a customer might ask if the temperature on the thermometer is correct, but I would assume it goes mostly unnoticed except to a few of us.

55 degrees is a symbol of several ideas. Its considered “cellar temperature” at which red wine is kept nicely. Its also a great temperature for fermenting beer or slow bread yeast. It was especially enjoyable yesterday, as the outside air nearly reached 55, depending on your gauge.

55 degrees is considered the point at which something begins to chill, which is the air we hope bread&cup will be at, figuratively, all the time. We hope that from the moment you arrive, you feel relaxed and ready to slow down for a bit either by yourself or with a group of good friends.

Come chill at our place this Friday with our new weekend entrée menu. This week we will prepare baby back ribs with a chipotle dry spice rub in low heat till they fall off bone. The dinner special includes a half rack of ribs with fennel & cranberry slaw and baked beans for $15. You can also buy them ala carte at $20 for a full rack or half for $12 and put your own meal together with some of our current compliments.

We’ll have the thermostat set at 55.