I’m standing in the checkout line at our local members only warehouse, bleerly eyed as usual, with my flatbed cart loaded with approximately 900 pounds of food and sundries, when I hear the guy behind me ask,

“Did you get the green scrubbie things?”

Slow to decipher the question, I looked back with a puzzled response, only to see him point at my clipboard that was facing him. And written on it in with a Sharpie in large black letters, GREEN SCRUBBIE THINGS. We laughed and I pointed to the box, assuring him and myself that I had secured the product.

One difficult aspect of running a kitchen is always keeping well supplied without being wasteful or overstocked. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to prep a menu item only to find that you are out of a key ingredient. And when you have several hands reaching for product, it’s easy to run out and not know it.

We have a practice in our kitchen of writing on a list any items that you see are low or out. If you were the last person to use it and didn’t write down that you ran out, you have given me permission to make you an object lesson for the day.

Equally as important to noting when something is out is putting things back in their rightful place. You may look on the shelf and see you are out of mayo and wonder why since you just ordered a case last week, but when you find three open jars of mayonnaise in three different locations, you know its time to pull out the sermon titled A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place.

After my shopping, I got back to the store and in the process of unloading found why green scrubbie things were on the list.

The other nearly full box was on the wrong shelf.

Green Scrubbie Things